NFL Week 13: Trope Away

A Thanksgiving poem. The Eagles backfield. Shutdown corners. Greg helps Spencer set his lineup. Eat Greg’s dust, ESPN.

Darnold the Dominate. Deebo the Dynamic. Deandre the Dreaded. David Blough the Human Plow. We like the Bills. Greg falls for the Titan’s hype. Spencer bets on Jameis AGAIN. Points galore in Arizona. Jets and Eagles should dominate.


NFL Week 12: Turtle & a Turtle

The prodigal host returns. Pascal the pathetic. John Brown plays double duty. Start your Browns. Sit your Cowboys. Alabama running backs. Random best bets including the 0-10 Bengals.

Only 2 fantasy regular season games left!!! It’s FANTASY THEATREEEEE!!!

NFL Week 11: Home Stretch

Greg returns!! Mike Williams the disappointment. Stop paying RBs. The Kirks! Hopkins flopping this week? Berry can’t quit Odell. Watson vs Jackson. Jimmy GQ. Buccs beating the Saints? Who to trade for with 3 regular season fantasy weeks remaining. It’s week 11 on FANTASY THEATRE!!!!

NFL Week 10: Playing Opossum

Ty Hester comes straight from the hardwood to drop all kinds of Fantasy KNOWLEDGE on the FT faithful!!

Don’t diversify. Kirk the redeemer. Triumphs. Steelers and Rams could get ugly. Odell on your bench? Maybe he should be. Play all your Chargers and Ravens. Disagreement on Dallas vs Minnesota. FAAB & AUCTION DRAFTS FOREVER!!!

Character Sheet

Three’s company. Too many rules. Doubts can be valid. Out with the old, in with the plastic grocery store carts. An unfortunate 5 minutes. The Nursing Home. An Advice Column for the (dragon) Ages. Halloween underrated?

It’s raining Milk Duds on Episode 61 of Fantasy Theatre!!!

NFL Week 9: Grudge Match

Happy Halloween from Fantasy Theatre!! NFL Week 9 with a special guest and a minor role from an FT favorite. Match of the century. Rams WRs dominate regrets and triumphs. David Montgomery comes through. Berry says with a twist. A message for Baker Mayfield. THE WORST FANTASY CALL OF ALL TIME. Best Bets!!

Chris Godwin forever!!!!