NFL Week 4: Minshew Mediocrity

Week 4 is upon us!!! Greg is very angry with a head coach. Spencer is regretful, but he finds solace in a narrow win. How real are the 3-0 teams?? The gall, man. Melvin Gordon is back. Greg sips some very popular cool-aid that has WAY too much sugar for Spencer. Berry Says, Game of the week, and Best Bets.



The first ever FANTASY THEATRE AWARD SHOW!! The nostalgia is uncontrollable. Awards include; Best Segment That Never Was, Best Musical Moment, Best Guests, and many more!!! We will probably have more listeners than the Emmys had viewers, but that is a pretty low bar to clear. 

It’s Episode 55!! 

NFL Week 3: Eenie Meenie Miney Mono

Joe Bell joins the football show for week 3!! He shares a fantastic strategy and not much else SO RIGHT ON BRAND. The Patriots are really good and the Dolphins are really bad. Regret of the Week involves a Viking. Triumph of the Week gets hard, man. Matthew Berry gets sauced on by Spencer in Berry Says. Best Bets involve a 22 point favorite.. IT’S FANTASY THEATRE!!!!!! 

A Picky Lover

Happy to be here!!! Joe Bell takes a work trip. Spencer still doesn’t understand what mechanics are saying. Press conferences look fun. Joe Bell: A Picky Lover. An announcement about next week’s special episode. Article adjectives.  

The La Quinta Inn

Rocky Mountain High. Landscapers beware. “Fantasy Theatre: Cults.” Speeches. Daddy don’t play like that.  Prayer etiquette. Joe Bell was late. Weddings and Funerals. Spencer the carpenter. Drugs aren’t cool. My Hero Academia & Succession. WE ARE CHARACTERS. 

NFL Week 1: Get the Flag Out!

NFL Week 1!! Thoughts on Andrew Luck, Colts fans, and the AFC South in 2019. Spencer names a player at every position he will not own in a single league this year (11:48). JOE BELL’S HOTTEST TAKE EVER & Bold Fantasy Predictions (23:46). “Berry Says” (28:10). Best Bets (34:42).