A Picky Lover

Happy to be here!!! Joe Bell takes a work trip. Spencer still doesn’t understand what mechanics are saying. Press conferences look fun. Joe Bell: A Picky Lover. An announcement about next week’s special episode. Article adjectives.  

Podcast Partner

FITTY.. 50 EPISODES!!!!! Our 50th is sprinkled with voicemails from listeners and we are so appreciative!! 

A song. Spencer breaks out Core Value #1. Joe Bell takes on malls. Spencer makes an insensitive joke for which he hopes he will one day be forgiven. If Ya Aint Keep Aintin’ gets heated. A moment for the segments we lost along the way. Advice Column. 

To everyone that has listened.. thank you.

Lion King #NOTGOOD

FANTASY THEATRE turns 48 weeks old!!!! Weekend Review. Mowing the lawn is an event. The Rubicon Model. Negotiation. THE LION KING SUCKED. Deadwood. The brother-in-law conundrum. Abigale is a bad bride. 

Ice Cream Challenge

A true fan joins the show on episode 47 of Fantasy Theatre!! Shut up, newspapers. Another local festival. Joe Bell almost wins a lot. Core Value overload. Convenient toilets, discipline, and toughness. If Ya Aint Ya Outta be goes to.. places.  Ice Cream. Being arrested isn’t challenging. Spencer doesn’t mention a tv show. Walgreens gets weird. Advice Column hits close to home. FANTASY THEATRE!!!!!!

Bored Games

The 4 people in the room had a good time. An unplanned 3rd host shakes things up. Like way up. Joe Bell steps out on Fantasy Theatre. 4th of July with Spencer’s family. Sportsmanship. The intensity of competition. The spark of innovation. Some of the worst “If Ya Aints” in the show’s historic run. “Dark” on Netflix. Our guest answers an advice column that he doesn’t quite understand. Please come back, audience.

Devil & Angel

A Fantasy Theatre first. Spencer is WAY TOO HYPE this episode but he won’t apologize. Great Wolf Lodge. Facebook Live is reinvented. Small Town Festivals. First Reformed. News anchors are on notice. Advice Column. EPISODE 44 BABY!!!!!

Banana Peel

Foster Medical Clinic (cold open). Spencer & Joe attend a video game tournament. Treat Yo Self. Spencer recommends something that is not technically a tv show. Emotional constitution. Banana Peel. Kevin Durant wants more advice. A fisherman needs consulting from Joe Bell.  

Happy Joe, Happy Show

Can it be? Joe Bell gets good news! Brief Smash talk. Digestive Health. yea, the word “fecal” is used. Spencer gives a CVC close to his heart and documents his infamous return to the hardwood. Advice Column involves an injured NBA champion and a man obsessed with Joe Bell’s desires. If ya aint, ya outta be.. 

The other podcast referenced in this episode is “Barbell Logic” Episode 190 featuring Dr. Christy Alexon. 

Happy 40th

Over the hill and it feels SO GOOD.  Fantasy Theatre celebrates their COLOSSAL 40th episode by learning things everyone should know about their 40s.. but it almost didn’t happen.. thank goodness someone cared. Joe and Spencer were manipulated into working on their partnership AND WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT the whole thing was recorded. Is there a Doctor in the building? Barely. 

Imagination Engine

Joe Bell Returns. I (the 3rd party narrator with feelings) feel like I have to say that a lot lately. Spencer runs a 5k in Nashville. Joe Bell has a work conference in Texas. Core Values takes aim at Holidays. Advice for a spurned fan. If Ya Aint Ya Outta Be. Spencer doesn’t suggest a TV show 2 weeks in a row!! Dororo? 

Game of Thrones – The Bells

If this podcast can not rule with love then we will RULE WITH FEAR!!!! Joe and Spencer take opposite sides (for argument’s sake) on the Dany of it all. What the ever loving heck, Jamie?! Varys is the real MVP and Arya wears a GoPro. Thank you, Sandor.

Game of Thrones – Last of the Starks

Guest host Dusty Hampton joins the GOT show and we hit all the hot topics from the latest episode and with no Joe Bell we speculate on the last 2 episodes. Who kills Cersei?? Brienne and Jamie knock boots. Dany Heel turn?? Sansa.. or should we say new littlefinger..

Tornado Drill

So a tornado blew down our town. The guys discuss the crazy week that followed and they say goodbye to a fan favorite segment (we’re kidding, only Spencer liked it). If Ya Aint, Ya Outta Be! And to close out the show Spencer breaks down a controversial decision by his favorite football team. 

Game of Thrones – The Long (Dark) Night

The Night King Cometh!! Joe Bell airs some grievances on how we consume GOT and the guys have a frank discussion about the pros and cons of having such an intense magnifying glass over our chosen entertainment. The game plan for the night king and the living are debating against historical context. “At least we are already in a crypt.” 

Game of Thrones #2

FT talks GOT!! We examine the character of John Snow and how he chose to drop that bomb on Dany. The War Council and plan for defending Winterfell are fully dissected. All major character are then put into Tiers of DEATH LIKELIHOOD. The things we do for love!!!  

Post Postism

What do you want from us?.. GAME OF THRONES talk starts at the 23:54 mark. If you are not a fan of the show or not yet caught up on the series please don’t listen. You don’t have to listen to anything you don’t want to. Life is short.  

Returns & Rejections

Joe Bell Returns with a vendetta. His special assignment is revealed. Spencer wants more drafts. Random Wiki gets real European. Advice Colum gets heated. For IF YA AINT Spencer discusses one of the most original shows on television and Joe Bell flips the segment on it’s head.

Bless You

FIRST EVER guest host! Facetime and the etiquette of sneezing. A lens with which to view the storytelling of dance. Wrestlemania-style Culture Dream Matches. Amazon gives back? Jordan Peele’s “US” and the juggernaut of entertainment that is April 2019. 

We Dazzle

The Historic 30th Episode. Final Play Update. Lots of play updates actually. Random Wiki gets English and Microbiological. The guys have a discussion on supporting friends and their hobbies. Joe sees Steph Curry play. Medical TV Tropes.  Love Death & Robots.  

The (almost) Lost Episode

The episode that almost never was.. Play update. Spencer recounts being in his first full catholic wedding. Joe has a vision at work. India’s biggest wrestler and a war hero. Real life experts take over the advice column. 

Episode 26 – Hairless Jack

We discuss children’s books and Spencer presents his Utopian ideal, a post-hair world. Joe raves about his new favorite comedian and his current Dystopian state, a world of unending conference calls. If you have a suggestion you want mocked on the show or ignored entirely, email fantasytheatrepodcast@gmail.com

Episode 25 – Unshakable Integrity

Back at our regular scheduled time and what a day it was for Fantasy Theatre! Joe Bell introduces a new segment. The guys go head to head with a Random Wikipedia Generator. Spencer gives advice to an unlikely fan. If Ya Aint, Ya Outta be and what are the guys looking forward to? Email questions for the advice column to fantasytheatrepodcast@gmail.com

Episode 21 – Big Boys

This week Fantasy Theatre features regrets, rage, rebuttals, and more regrets. THE GREATEST RETURN SINCE JORDAN.. The Fan Letter. All the championship game and Super Bowl story lines you can handle. If ya aint, you outta be AND I’m not yet, but I wanna be. 

Episode 17 – Jingle Joe Bells

Championship week!! Will the guys finish the season with any trophies?? What is their ideal present to each other? Berry Says, Week’s Thesis, Best Bets, and America’s Favorite Segment on this special Christmas edition of Fantasy Theatre!

Episode 15 – Playing Injured

The playoffs have arrived! What was the fate of the guy’s final playoff push?? Outlandish statements lead off the show then Berry Says takes center stage. Joe recruits Spencer to perfect his random yahoo league playoff lineup. Best Bets take an unusual turn and then AMERICA’S FAVORITE SEGMENT!

Episode 14 – Feelin Dangerous

Week 13 is CRUNCH TIME in fantasy football leagues. The guys lament the NFL’s latest competition before Berry Says. Week’s thesis tackles the legitimacy of different playoff systems. Spencer channels Baker Mayfield for his Best Bets. Then Western Week closes the show for “If Ya Ain’t, Ya Outta Be!”

Episode 12 – Victory Lap

What a week it was for Spencer’s Titans! And who won the colossal rematch between the guys in their league? Joe comes to Berry Says with.. STATS?! Week’s Thesis focuses on which side of the Bell saga they stand on. Spencer, 8-1 over his last 3 weeks, tries to stay hot on the best bets. The guys close out with a fan letter posing an interesting question and America’s favorite segment, “If ya aint, ya outta be!”

Episode 11 – Turkey Sandwich with Almonds

Week 10! The guys record late into the evening as Spencer gives us a play by play of his Jerry World experience. Week’s Thesis tackles a sport’s question as old as time. The reinvigorated Joe Bell looks to keep his momentum in Berry Says. A letter from Number 10. Spencer tries to go 9-0 over the last 3 weeks in his Best Bets and “If ya aint, you outta be!”