Pumpkin Patch

A partial episode this week and it’s nobody’s fault! That’s not true. It’s caleb’s fault. We did our time. 15 minutes of pure gold that will never be heard. But as far as the first 16 minutes…

Episode 60 and it feels SO GOOD. Halloween costumes. Apple bobbin. Spencer the babysitter. Joe the Californian. Then the pure gold lost to history happened.

NFL Week 8: Seeing Ghosts

WEEK 8!!! Delanie Walker may be DONE. Chase Edmonds a Triumph & Regret. Berry Says: Is this THE week for Brandin Cooks & David Montgomery? AJ Brown is about to make you a believer. CMAC; week 8 bust?!?! Walton wins. Best Bets: Colts keep it going. Someone is taking the Jets?? A rational Titan’s take. Packers going to make a statement? Who are the best players to target for the fantasy playoffs??

IT’S FANTASSYYYYY THEATRRRREEEE… with an “e” at the end.

Story Lady

Another first along Fantasy Theatre’s meteoric rise up the charts, the charts of your hearts. There’s less Y chromosomes than usual. 

That kid in your head never leaves. Hospitality & Nomophobia. Circe by Madeline Miller. Wake up earlier. The guilt of privilege. Episode 59 of Fantasy Theatre!!! 

NFL Week 7: Under the Lights

Spencer is joined my a first time co-host! The Mariota in the room is addressed. Where do the Titan’s go from here? Regrets & Triumphs. The XFL had their draft! Berry Says DOUBLES DOWN. Best Bets & Game of the Week! It’s Week 7 on FANTASY THEATRRRRRRREEEEEE!!!!

Behind Closed Doors

Joe Bell wants another week off. A pinch of non-spoiler Joker discussion. Spencer does something he hasn’t done in 5 years and he’s not sure how he feels about it. Doors were made to be closed. Gas to go.

Episode 58 of Fantasy Theatre!!!


Episode 57 of Fantasy Theatre!!!!

Another local theater award winner joins the show. He’s a tiny bit more positive than Joe Bell. Career fair. Office Depot. Handicap scooters. Fast food. Water. Charities. Attack on Titan. Paying college players. Fatherly advice.

NFL Week 5: Montgomery Gentry

Greg finds his horn and roots. A look at this year’s ADP of each positions top 12 and where they stand now. The results may surprise. Or maybe you know more than us.. you probably know more than us.

Spencer gets seduced.. by value. Take me back, CMAC. Greg still doesn’t know how Berry Says Works. SPENCER SINGS. Best Bets. IT’S FANTASSSYYYYY THEATRE!!!!!!!

Death. Health. Comedy.

This episode took an unexpected turn. For the first time on any public medium Spencer recalls his time as a “transport specialist” for a funeral home.

If Ya Aint, Ya Outta Be has a pair of TV shows. Fantasy Theatre drinking game. Health Fairs. Then Fantasy Theatre takes a hard look at “offensive” comedy and the rampant “cancel culture”

We went to some places.