Cult of Personality

Fantasy Theatre out in time for your holiday commute!!

The Bell Legacy continues. Saved by the Bell: Personality Tests. A report from the Infamous Chilli Cook-Off. A CVC on one of Spencer’s biggest flaws (so they tell him). If Ya Aint, Ya Outta Be with an Oscar contender and an anime thriller.

NFL Week 16: Spencer vs Louisiana

Championship week! Who’s playing for a title?! Costly Regrets and Profitable Triumphs. The Perriman redemption tour. One Brown’s RB is better than the other this week. AJ BROWN. Watson and Jameis in a shootout. Leveon Bell Bowl. Playoffs on the line for NFL teams and Titles hang in the balance for fantasy teams. Ready or not IT’S WEEK 16 ON FANTASY THEATRE!!

Week 15: Divide & Conner

Semi Finals Week! Are the guys still alive??? Triumphs and Regrets from round 1. A look at the playoff picture in both conferences. Spencer can no longer hide his Titan’s glee. Joe Bell makes an appearance and why do sports have divisions?

Greg goes all out in Berry Says including Fitzmagic over Lamar Jackson??? Just who is Patrick Laird? Spencer and Greg love the Rams in best bets and they disagree about Bills vs Steelers. Week 15 and FANTASY THEATRE is still ACENDINGGGGG!!!!

NFL Week 14: Choking Season


Spencer needs help from Greg and he gets it whether he appreciates it or not. On the fringe players. The enigma of Courtland Sutton. Will Odell show up when it matters? The garbage NFC East. The Sony Michel resurgence. Monster games this week. NFC supremacy on the line. Chiefs blowing out the patriots? The Bills are good, America. And so is FANTASY THEATRE!!!

“Be open.” Tom Brady to his receivers. And also Spencer to restaurants on Thanksgiving night.

Palate Cleanser

All episodes of Fantasy Theatre are historic. This one happens to be the 65th happening of this weekly historic event. 

Saved by the (Dusty) Bell. Spencer is judging a chilli cook-off. Does anyone ever do their best? The arrogance of telling stories. Watch Watchmen already. Thanksgiving Mad Lib. Superlative adjectives and plural nouns.