NFL Week 3: Eenie Meenie Miney Mono

Joe Bell joins the football show for week 3!! He shares a fantastic strategy and not much else SO RIGHT ON BRAND. The Patriots are really good and the Dolphins are really bad. Regret of the Week involves a Viking. Triumph of the Week gets hard, man. Matthew Berry gets sauced on by Spencer in Berry Says. Best Bets involve a 22 point favorite.. IT’S FANTASY THEATRE!!!!!! 

NFL Week 1: Get the Flag Out!

NFL Week 1!! Thoughts on Andrew Luck, Colts fans, and the AFC South in 2019. Spencer names a player at every position he will not own in a single league this year (11:48). JOE BELL’S HOTTEST TAKE EVER & Bold Fantasy Predictions (23:46). “Berry Says” (28:10). Best Bets (34:42).


NFC East Preview

Who Wants to be a Fantasy Theatre Millionaire!?!?!?

Zack Thrasher & Joe Bell compete to become the first winner of our new weekly game show. 

NFC East 2018 recap (19:56). Philadelphia Eagles (20:44). New York Giants (31:53). Washington Redskins (40:08). Dallas Cowboys (46:21).

FT Football – AFC North Preview

One division a week. Every week.

Introductions. 2018 AFC North Recap (1:08). Cincinnati Bengals (1:48). Cleveland Browns (19:41). Baltimore Ravens (36:58). Pittsburgh Steelers (47:57).

**NFC EAST Next Week**

NFC North Preview

NFC North Preview – Offseason additions and subtractions, team’s ceiling, team’s floor, predictions, and we touch on every relevant fantasy player!

Introductions. NFC North 2018 recap (1:44). Chicago Bears (2:44). Detroit Lions (21:37). Green Bay Packers (38:16). Minnesota Vikings (51:25).

P.S. The Theo Riddick News broke after we recorded last week. Obviously bump Kerryon up your draft boards. Somewhere Greg is smiling.

AFC East Preview

AFC East Preview – Offseason additions and subtractions, team’s ceiling, team’s floor, predictions (we all know who will win), and we touch on every relevant fantasy player!

Introductions. AFC East 2018 recap (2:36). Buffalo Bills (3:03). Miami Dolphins (14:18). New York Jets (23:00). New England Patriots (30:48).

FT Football – NFC South Preview

First of 8 weekly division previews before the 2019 NFL season!! Offseason additions and subtractions, team’s ceiling, team’s floor, predictions, and  we touch on every fantasy relevant player!

Introductions. NFC South 2018 Recap (3:00). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4:12). Atlanta Falcons (18:32). Carolina Panthers (26:05). New Orleans Saints (34:12). 

Devil & Angel

A Fantasy Theatre first. Spencer is WAY TOO HYPE this episode but he won’t apologize. Great Wolf Lodge. Facebook Live is reinvented. Small Town Festivals. First Reformed. News anchors are on notice. Advice Column. EPISODE 44 BABY!!!!!

Episode 21 – Big Boys

This week Fantasy Theatre features regrets, rage, rebuttals, and more regrets. THE GREATEST RETURN SINCE JORDAN.. The Fan Letter. All the championship game and Super Bowl story lines you can handle. If ya aint, you outta be AND I’m not yet, but I wanna be. 

Episode 17 – Jingle Joe Bells

Championship week!! Will the guys finish the season with any trophies?? What is their ideal present to each other? Berry Says, Week’s Thesis, Best Bets, and America’s Favorite Segment on this special Christmas edition of Fantasy Theatre!

Episode 15 – Playing Injured

The playoffs have arrived! What was the fate of the guy’s final playoff push?? Outlandish statements lead off the show then Berry Says takes center stage. Joe recruits Spencer to perfect his random yahoo league playoff lineup. Best Bets take an unusual turn and then AMERICA’S FAVORITE SEGMENT!

Episode 14 – Feelin Dangerous

Week 13 is CRUNCH TIME in fantasy football leagues. The guys lament the NFL’s latest competition before Berry Says. Week’s thesis tackles the legitimacy of different playoff systems. Spencer channels Baker Mayfield for his Best Bets. Then Western Week closes the show for “If Ya Ain’t, Ya Outta Be!”

Episode 12 – Victory Lap

What a week it was for Spencer’s Titans! And who won the colossal rematch between the guys in their league? Joe comes to Berry Says with.. STATS?! Week’s Thesis focuses on which side of the Bell saga they stand on. Spencer, 8-1 over his last 3 weeks, tries to stay hot on the best bets. The guys close out with a fan letter posing an interesting question and America’s favorite segment, “If ya aint, ya outta be!”

Episode 11 – Turkey Sandwich with Almonds

Week 10! The guys record late into the evening as Spencer gives us a play by play of his Jerry World experience. Week’s Thesis tackles a sport’s question as old as time. The reinvigorated Joe Bell looks to keep his momentum in Berry Says. A letter from Number 10. Spencer tries to go 9-0 over the last 3 weeks in his Best Bets and “If ya aint, you outta be!”

Episode 8 – Watch and Reid

Week’s Thesis tackles the conundrum of Sport’s loyalty. New sponsors appear out of thin air for every segment. Berry Says involves Joe going after a fellow Clemson alum. The guys receive their second ominous fan letter and they both try and right the ship after last week’s disastrous Best Bets.

Episode 7 – Drop The L

It starts out as any other week for Spencer and Joe until Spencer introduces a new segment.. what follows is a conversation like they have never before had recorded. Week 6 is all about redemption after Berry found a modicum of revenge in week 5. ANOTHER FAN LETTER! And Joe joins the Best Bets Conversation (finally).

Episode 6 – Copper With An Extra “O”

Spencer catches Joe up on the week 4 that was while Joe is lambasted over his dismissal of Cooper Kupp. They hand out some 1st month awards and the guys receive a special treat in the form of fan mail. Spencer takes on Berry after being perfect against his ESPN colleagues last week. Another round of Best Bets and rare gloating from a Titan’s fan close out the show.

Episode 2 – This Thursday.. Wait, What?

Week 1.  Thursday, Lambo,  Rogers, Bears, Jones, Cohen, Howard.  Foster’s pumped, you’re pumped, Joe’s awake. We talk about FOOTBALL STUFF for a while, then Spencer comes with an anchor punch to Matthew Berry on Berry says (11:45), followed up with 5 predictions against the spread (21:30)