Episode 14 – Feelin Dangerous

Week 13 is CRUNCH TIME in fantasy football leagues. The guys lament the NFL’s latest competition before Berry Says. Week’s thesis tackles the legitimacy of different playoff systems. Spencer channels Baker Mayfield for his Best Bets. Then Western Week closes the show for “If Ya Ain’t, Ya Outta Be!”

Episode 12 – Victory Lap

What a week it was for Spencer’s Titans! And who won the colossal rematch between the guys in their league? Joe comes to Berry Says with.. STATS?! Week’s Thesis focuses on which side of the Bell saga they stand on. Spencer, 8-1 over his last 3 weeks, tries to stay hot on the best bets. The guys close out with a fan letter posing an interesting question and America’s favorite segment, “If ya aint, ya outta be!”

Episode 11 – Turkey Sandwich with Almonds

Week 10! The guys record late into the evening as Spencer gives us a play by play of his Jerry World experience. Week’s Thesis tackles a sport’s question as old as time. The reinvigorated Joe Bell looks to keep his momentum in Berry Says. A letter from Number 10. Spencer tries to go 9-0 over the last 3 weeks in his Best Bets and “If ya aint, you outta be!”