Tankedy Tank Tank Face

Carolina Weddings, Daredevil, Mega Millions, the CIA, JuJu, Picketing, Star Wars, Lady Luck, and the heart of NFL Owners. Its all on Episode 9 of Fantasy Theatre.

Episode 8 – Watch and Reid

Week’s Thesis tackles the conundrum of Sport’s loyalty. New sponsors appear out of thin air for every segment. Berry Says involves Joe going after a fellow Clemson alum. The guys receive their second ominous fan letter and they both try and right the ship after last week’s disastrous Best Bets.

Episode 7 – Drop The L

It starts out as any other week for Spencer and Joe until Spencer introduces a new segment.. what follows is a conversation like they have never before had recorded. Week 6 is all about redemption after Berry found a modicum of revenge in week 5. ANOTHER FAN LETTER! And Joe joins the Best Bets Conversation (finally).

Episode 6 – Copper With An Extra “O”

Spencer catches Joe up on the week 4 that was while Joe is lambasted over his dismissal of Cooper Kupp. They hand out some 1st month awards and the guys receive a special treat in the form of fan mail. Spencer takes on Berry after being perfect against his ESPN colleagues last week. Another round of Best Bets and rare gloating from a Titan’s fan close out the show.