NFL Free Agency 2020

Tom in Tampa, Tanny in Tennessee, and Teddy in blue! Where will Winston, Dalton, and Newton play next year? Who wins the AFC East? RBs keep getting cheaper. Special thanks to Bill O’Brien. IT’S FANTASY THEATREEEEE!!!!

*Still working out some kinks with the new setup. Spencer messed up the sound, but we still wanted to get some free agency thoughts out there.

Schisms in Etiquette

Men and women are different and so are their bathrooms. Who is the greatest co-host in Fantasy Theatre history? Hobby Lobby. Spencer gets a “speeding” ticket. Kansas City in a weekend. Eye contact. The first edition of “Is This Sexist!?!?!” If Ya Aint, Ya Outta Be.  


NFL Divisional: Wicked Good


LSU vs Clemson with an orange and purple alumni on the show. Way too much time on the TITANS BUT COME ON THEY BEAT THE PATRIOTS!!!! Vikings vs 49ers get the party started. Titans vs Ravens in the game of the weekend. Texans vs Chiefs may break the scoreboard. Seahawks vs Packers in the “do we deserve to be here game?” The comical moments of Josh Allen.


NFL Wild Card: The Champ is Here

A “recap” of the 2019 Fantasy Season including a look back at some of Fantasy Theatre’s Best Calls and Worst Predictions.

Then a detailed look at every Wild Card Game and Why one of our hosts thinks 3 underdogs are coming out on top. Welcome to Wild Card Weekend!!  

Cult of Personality

Fantasy Theatre out in time for your holiday commute!!

The Bell Legacy continues. Saved by the Bell: Personality Tests. A report from the Infamous Chilli Cook-Off. A CVC on one of Spencer’s biggest flaws (so they tell him). If Ya Aint, Ya Outta Be with an Oscar contender and an anime thriller.

NFL Week 16: Spencer vs Louisiana

Championship week! Who’s playing for a title?! Costly Regrets and Profitable Triumphs. The Perriman redemption tour. One Brown’s RB is better than the other this week. AJ BROWN. Watson and Jameis in a shootout. Leveon Bell Bowl. Playoffs on the line for NFL teams and Titles hang in the balance for fantasy teams. Ready or not IT’S WEEK 16 ON FANTASY THEATRE!!

Week 15: Divide & Conner

Semi Finals Week! Are the guys still alive??? Triumphs and Regrets from round 1. A look at the playoff picture in both conferences. Spencer can no longer hide his Titan’s glee. Joe Bell makes an appearance and why do sports have divisions?

Greg goes all out in Berry Says including Fitzmagic over Lamar Jackson??? Just who is Patrick Laird? Spencer and Greg love the Rams in best bets and they disagree about Bills vs Steelers. Week 15 and FANTASY THEATRE is still ACENDINGGGGG!!!!

NFL Week 14: Choking Season


Spencer needs help from Greg and he gets it whether he appreciates it or not. On the fringe players. The enigma of Courtland Sutton. Will Odell show up when it matters? The garbage NFC East. The Sony Michel resurgence. Monster games this week. NFC supremacy on the line. Chiefs blowing out the patriots? The Bills are good, America. And so is FANTASY THEATRE!!!

“Be open.” Tom Brady to his receivers. And also Spencer to restaurants on Thanksgiving night.

Palate Cleanser

All episodes of Fantasy Theatre are historic. This one happens to be the 65th happening of this weekly historic event. 

Saved by the (Dusty) Bell. Spencer is judging a chilli cook-off. Does anyone ever do their best? The arrogance of telling stories. Watch Watchmen already. Thanksgiving Mad Lib. Superlative adjectives and plural nouns.

NFL Week 13: Trope Away

A Thanksgiving poem. The Eagles backfield. Shutdown corners. Greg helps Spencer set his lineup. Eat Greg’s dust, ESPN.

Darnold the Dominate. Deebo the Dynamic. Deandre the Dreaded. David Blough the Human Plow. We like the Bills. Greg falls for the Titan’s hype. Spencer bets on Jameis AGAIN. Points galore in Arizona. Jets and Eagles should dominate.


NFL Week 12: Turtle & a Turtle

The prodigal host returns. Pascal the pathetic. John Brown plays double duty. Start your Browns. Sit your Cowboys. Alabama running backs. Random best bets including the 0-10 Bengals.

Only 2 fantasy regular season games left!!! It’s FANTASY THEATREEEEE!!!

NFL Week 11: Home Stretch

Greg returns!! Mike Williams the disappointment. Stop paying RBs. The Kirks! Hopkins flopping this week? Berry can’t quit Odell. Watson vs Jackson. Jimmy GQ. Buccs beating the Saints? Who to trade for with 3 regular season fantasy weeks remaining. It’s week 11 on FANTASY THEATRE!!!!

NFL Week 10: Playing Opossum

Ty Hester comes straight from the hardwood to drop all kinds of Fantasy KNOWLEDGE on the FT faithful!!

Don’t diversify. Kirk the redeemer. Triumphs. Steelers and Rams could get ugly. Odell on your bench? Maybe he should be. Play all your Chargers and Ravens. Disagreement on Dallas vs Minnesota. FAAB & AUCTION DRAFTS FOREVER!!!

Character Sheet

Three’s company. Too many rules. Doubts can be valid. Out with the old, in with the plastic grocery store carts. An unfortunate 5 minutes. The Nursing Home. An Advice Column for the (dragon) Ages. Halloween underrated?

It’s raining Milk Duds on Episode 61 of Fantasy Theatre!!!

NFL Week 9: Grudge Match

Happy Halloween from Fantasy Theatre!! NFL Week 9 with a special guest and a minor role from an FT favorite. Match of the century. Rams WRs dominate regrets and triumphs. David Montgomery comes through. Berry says with a twist. A message for Baker Mayfield. THE WORST FANTASY CALL OF ALL TIME. Best Bets!!

Chris Godwin forever!!!!

Pumpkin Patch

A partial episode this week and it’s nobody’s fault! That’s not true. It’s caleb’s fault. We did our time. 15 minutes of pure gold that will never be heard. But as far as the first 16 minutes…

Episode 60 and it feels SO GOOD. Halloween costumes. Apple bobbin. Spencer the babysitter. Joe the Californian. Then the pure gold lost to history happened.

NFL Week 8: Seeing Ghosts

WEEK 8!!! Delanie Walker may be DONE. Chase Edmonds a Triumph & Regret. Berry Says: Is this THE week for Brandin Cooks & David Montgomery? AJ Brown is about to make you a believer. CMAC; week 8 bust?!?! Walton wins. Best Bets: Colts keep it going. Someone is taking the Jets?? A rational Titan’s take. Packers going to make a statement? Who are the best players to target for the fantasy playoffs??

IT’S FANTASSYYYYY THEATRRRREEEE… with an “e” at the end.

Story Lady

Another first along Fantasy Theatre’s meteoric rise up the charts, the charts of your hearts. There’s less Y chromosomes than usual. 

That kid in your head never leaves. Hospitality & Nomophobia. Circe by Madeline Miller. Wake up earlier. The guilt of privilege. Episode 59 of Fantasy Theatre!!! 

NFL Week 7: Under the Lights

Spencer is joined my a first time co-host! The Mariota in the room is addressed. Where do the Titan’s go from here? Regrets & Triumphs. The XFL had their draft! Berry Says DOUBLES DOWN. Best Bets & Game of the Week! It’s Week 7 on FANTASY THEATRRRRRRREEEEEE!!!!

Behind Closed Doors

Joe Bell wants another week off. A pinch of non-spoiler Joker discussion. Spencer does something he hasn’t done in 5 years and he’s not sure how he feels about it. Doors were made to be closed. Gas to go.

Episode 58 of Fantasy Theatre!!!


Episode 57 of Fantasy Theatre!!!!

Another local theater award winner joins the show. He’s a tiny bit more positive than Joe Bell. Career fair. Office Depot. Handicap scooters. Fast food. Water. Charities. Attack on Titan. Paying college players. Fatherly advice.

NFL Week 5: Montgomery Gentry

Greg finds his horn and roots. A look at this year’s ADP of each positions top 12 and where they stand now. The results may surprise. Or maybe you know more than us.. you probably know more than us.

Spencer gets seduced.. by value. Take me back, CMAC. Greg still doesn’t know how Berry Says Works. SPENCER SINGS. Best Bets. IT’S FANTASSSYYYYY THEATRE!!!!!!!

Death. Health. Comedy.

This episode took an unexpected turn. For the first time on any public medium Spencer recalls his time as a “transport specialist” for a funeral home.

If Ya Aint, Ya Outta Be has a pair of TV shows. Fantasy Theatre drinking game. Health Fairs. Then Fantasy Theatre takes a hard look at “offensive” comedy and the rampant “cancel culture”

We went to some places. 

NFL Week 4: Minshew Mediocrity

Week 4 is upon us!!! Greg is very angry with a head coach. Spencer is regretful, but he finds solace in a narrow win. How real are the 3-0 teams?? The gall, man. Melvin Gordon is back. Greg sips some very popular cool-aid that has WAY too much sugar for Spencer. Berry Says, Game of the week, and Best Bets.



The first ever FANTASY THEATRE AWARD SHOW!! The nostalgia is uncontrollable. Awards include; Best Segment That Never Was, Best Musical Moment, Best Guests, and many more!!! We will probably have more listeners than the Emmys had viewers, but that is a pretty low bar to clear. 

It’s Episode 55!! 

A Picky Lover

Happy to be here!!! Joe Bell takes a work trip. Spencer still doesn’t understand what mechanics are saying. Press conferences look fun. Joe Bell: A Picky Lover. An announcement about next week’s special episode. Article adjectives.  

The La Quinta Inn

Rocky Mountain High. Landscapers beware. “Fantasy Theatre: Cults.” Speeches. Daddy don’t play like that.  Prayer etiquette. Joe Bell was late. Weddings and Funerals. Spencer the carpenter. Drugs aren’t cool. My Hero Academia & Succession. WE ARE CHARACTERS. 

NFC West Preview

Who Wants to be a Fantasy Theatre Millionaire?!?!?!

Zack Thrasher returns to defend his crown against Jonny Fair 

NFC West 2018 recap (17:19). San Francisco 49ers (18:07). Arizona Cardinals (30:25). Los Angeles Rams (42:10). Seattle Seahawks (58:26).

Get your oven mitts ready for the takes in this one. Free flowing general NFL talk after the division previews (1:10:22). 

Podcast Partner

FITTY.. 50 EPISODES!!!!! Our 50th is sprinkled with voicemails from listeners and we are so appreciative!! 

A song. Spencer breaks out Core Value #1. Joe Bell takes on malls. Spencer makes an insensitive joke for which he hopes he will one day be forgiven. If Ya Aint Keep Aintin’ gets heated. A moment for the segments we lost along the way. Advice Column. 

To everyone that has listened.. thank you.

AFC East Preview

AFC East Preview – Offseason additions and subtractions, team’s ceiling, team’s floor, predictions (we all know who will win), and we touch on every relevant fantasy player!

Introductions. AFC East 2018 recap (2:36). Buffalo Bills (3:03). Miami Dolphins (14:18). New York Jets (23:00). New England Patriots (30:48).

Ice Cream Challenge

A true fan joins the show on episode 47 of Fantasy Theatre!! Shut up, newspapers. Another local festival. Joe Bell almost wins a lot. Core Value overload. Convenient toilets, discipline, and toughness. If Ya Aint Ya Outta be goes to.. places.  Ice Cream. Being arrested isn’t challenging. Spencer doesn’t mention a tv show. Walgreens gets weird. Advice Column hits close to home. FANTASY THEATRE!!!!!!

Bored Games

The 4 people in the room had a good time. An unplanned 3rd host shakes things up. Like way up. Joe Bell steps out on Fantasy Theatre. 4th of July with Spencer’s family. Sportsmanship. The intensity of competition. The spark of innovation. Some of the worst “If Ya Aints” in the show’s historic run. “Dark” on Netflix. Our guest answers an advice column that he doesn’t quite understand. Please come back, audience.

Was Shrimp Ok?

EPISODE 45!!!! Joe Bell eats fish at a gas station. Spencer attends a mystery dinner theatre, he dunks on people, and he may not be welcomed back. Leave us alone, newspapers. Americans like fireworks and sometimes they die because of them. Cyber protection. Carelessness is misunderstood. Spencer finished The Leftovers. Kevin Durant writes in from Brooklyn. Joe Bell helps an entrepreneur. FANTASY THEATRE!!!!!  

Devil & Angel

A Fantasy Theatre first. Spencer is WAY TOO HYPE this episode but he won’t apologize. Great Wolf Lodge. Facebook Live is reinvented. Small Town Festivals. First Reformed. News anchors are on notice. Advice Column. EPISODE 44 BABY!!!!!

Banana Peel

Foster Medical Clinic (cold open). Spencer & Joe attend a video game tournament. Treat Yo Self. Spencer recommends something that is not technically a tv show. Emotional constitution. Banana Peel. Kevin Durant wants more advice. A fisherman needs consulting from Joe Bell.  

Happy Joe, Happy Show

Can it be? Joe Bell gets good news! Brief Smash talk. Digestive Health. yea, the word “fecal” is used. Spencer gives a CVC close to his heart and documents his infamous return to the hardwood. Advice Column involves an injured NBA champion and a man obsessed with Joe Bell’s desires. If ya aint, ya outta be.. 

The other podcast referenced in this episode is “Barbell Logic” Episode 190 featuring Dr. Christy Alexon. 


A shared a near death experience. Spencer visits a church with less members than this podcast has listeners. Challenges. Vacation Bible School for Adults. The future of entertainment in 2059. The best in the world at.. its episode 41 of Fantasy Theatre.

Happy 40th

Over the hill and it feels SO GOOD.  Fantasy Theatre celebrates their COLOSSAL 40th episode by learning things everyone should know about their 40s.. but it almost didn’t happen.. thank goodness someone cared. Joe and Spencer were manipulated into working on their partnership AND WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT the whole thing was recorded. Is there a Doctor in the building? Barely. 

Imagination Engine

Joe Bell Returns. I (the 3rd party narrator with feelings) feel like I have to say that a lot lately. Spencer runs a 5k in Nashville. Joe Bell has a work conference in Texas. Core Values takes aim at Holidays. Advice for a spurned fan. If Ya Aint Ya Outta Be. Spencer doesn’t suggest a TV show 2 weeks in a row!! Dororo? 

Tornado Drill

So a tornado blew down our town. The guys discuss the crazy week that followed and they say goodbye to a fan favorite segment (we’re kidding, only Spencer liked it). If Ya Aint, Ya Outta Be! And to close out the show Spencer breaks down a controversial decision by his favorite football team. 

Just Say Yes

The energy is back in the building!! 35th episode of Fantasy Theatre!! Core Values takes a hard look a Performance Enhancing Drugs for all aspects of life. Random Wiki concerns communism and architecture. IF YA AINT stays right on brand. ****GAME OF THRONES chat will have a whole separate episode***  

Returns & Rejections

Joe Bell Returns with a vendetta. His special assignment is revealed. Spencer wants more drafts. Random Wiki gets real European. Advice Colum gets heated. For IF YA AINT Spencer discusses one of the most original shows on television and Joe Bell flips the segment on it’s head.

Bless You

FIRST EVER guest host! Facetime and the etiquette of sneezing. A lens with which to view the storytelling of dance. Wrestlemania-style Culture Dream Matches. Amazon gives back? Jordan Peele’s “US” and the juggernaut of entertainment that is April 2019. 


What Now? The play is over and the guys have A LOT of free time.. Spencer takes down the US Postal service. Coworkers give Joe Bell encouragement. A rock climber and a hustling photographer are the subjects of Random Wiki. Advice Column gets personal. If Ya Aint Ya Outta Be! And a special Fantasy Theatre Announcement!!

We Dazzle

The Historic 30th Episode. Final Play Update. Lots of play updates actually. Random Wiki gets English and Microbiological. The guys have a discussion on supporting friends and their hobbies. Joe sees Steph Curry play. Medical TV Tropes.  Love Death & Robots.  

The (almost) Lost Episode

The episode that almost never was.. Play update. Spencer recounts being in his first full catholic wedding. Joe has a vision at work. India’s biggest wrestler and a war hero. Real life experts take over the advice column. 

Episode 26 – Hairless Jack

We discuss children’s books and Spencer presents his Utopian ideal, a post-hair world. Joe raves about his new favorite comedian and his current Dystopian state, a world of unending conference calls. If you have a suggestion you want mocked on the show or ignored entirely, email

Episode 25 – Unshakable Integrity

Back at our regular scheduled time and what a day it was for Fantasy Theatre! Joe Bell introduces a new segment. The guys go head to head with a Random Wikipedia Generator. Spencer gives advice to an unlikely fan. If Ya Aint, Ya Outta be and what are the guys looking forward to? Email questions for the advice column to

Episode 20 – SCREW KICKERS

Fantasy Theatre’s historic 20th episode!!! Joe’s Clemson Tigers are national champions! Spencer takes a new role. The divisional round picks include something that has never happened in playoff history. And after a 2 week hiatus America’s favorite segment returns!!

Episode 19 – Sweaters for the Beach

Fantasy Theatre begins 2019 with a JAM PACKED playoff episode! Christmas, New Years, Hawaii, Airports, Clemson, and lots of football. Who knew it took fantasy ending for the guys to actually talk pigskin?? They go in depth on every wild card match-up and predict the entire playoff field. If you don’t won’t to know who wins the super bowl then turn back now.. It’s all this week on Fantasy Theatre!

Episode 16 – Firkser For The Win

FANTASY THEATRE’S BIGGEST EPISODE YET!!! The semi finals have arrived! It’s Joe’s turn to doll out the advice for the consistent fantasy playoff choker, Spencer. An unexpected guest invades Fantasy Theatre. Week’s Thesis takes a look at an under appreciated part of the NFL. The guys disagree a lot on Berry Says and Best Bets, before finishing up with IF YA AINT, YA OUTTA BE!

Tankedy Tank Tank Face

Carolina Weddings, Daredevil, Mega Millions, the CIA, JuJu, Picketing, Star Wars, Lady Luck, and the heart of NFL Owners. Its all on Episode 9 of Fantasy Theatre.