What Now? The play is over and the guys have A LOT of free time.. Spencer takes down the US Postal service. Coworkers give Joe Bell encouragement. A rock climber and a hustling photographer are the subjects of Random Wiki. Advice Column gets personal. If Ya Aint Ya Outta Be! And a special Fantasy Theatre Announcement!!

We Dazzle

The Historic 30th Episode. Final Play Update. Lots of play updates actually. Random Wiki gets English and Microbiological. The guys have a discussion on supporting friends and their hobbies. Joe sees Steph Curry play. Medical TV Tropes.  Love Death & Robots.  

The (almost) Lost Episode

The episode that almost never was.. Play update. Spencer recounts being in his first full catholic wedding. Joe has a vision at work. India’s biggest wrestler and a war hero. Real life experts take over the advice column.