NFL Week 8: Seeing Ghosts

WEEK 8!!! Delanie Walker may be DONE. Chase Edmonds a Triumph & Regret. Berry Says: Is this THE week for Brandin Cooks & David Montgomery? AJ Brown is about to make you a believer. CMAC; week 8 bust?!?! Walton wins. Best Bets: Colts keep it going. Someone is taking the Jets?? A rational Titan’s take. Packers going to make a statement? Who are the best players to target for the fantasy playoffs??

IT’S FANTASSYYYYY THEATRRRREEEE… with an “e” at the end.

Episode 21 – Big Boys

This week Fantasy Theatre features regrets, rage, rebuttals, and more regrets. THE GREATEST RETURN SINCE JORDAN.. The Fan Letter. All the championship game and Super Bowl story lines you can handle. If ya aint, you outta be AND I’m not yet, but I wanna be. 

Episode 12 – Victory Lap

What a week it was for Spencer’s Titans! And who won the colossal rematch between the guys in their league? Joe comes to Berry Says with.. STATS?! Week’s Thesis focuses on which side of the Bell saga they stand on. Spencer, 8-1 over his last 3 weeks, tries to stay hot on the best bets. The guys close out with a fan letter posing an interesting question and America’s favorite segment, “If ya aint, ya outta be!”

Tankedy Tank Tank Face

Carolina Weddings, Daredevil, Mega Millions, the CIA, JuJu, Picketing, Star Wars, Lady Luck, and the heart of NFL Owners. Its all on Episode 9 of Fantasy Theatre.

Episode 8 – Watch and Reid

Week’s Thesis tackles the conundrum of Sport’s loyalty. New sponsors appear out of thin air for every segment. Berry Says involves Joe going after a fellow Clemson alum. The guys receive their second ominous fan letter and they both try and right the ship after last week’s disastrous Best Bets.