Episode 26 – Hairless Jack

We discuss children’s books and Spencer presents his Utopian ideal, a post-hair world. Joe raves about his new favorite comedian and his current Dystopian state, a world of unending conference calls. If you have a suggestion you want mocked on the show or ignored entirely, email fantasytheatrepodcast@gmail.com

Episode 5 – The Curious Case of Christopher Hogan

Joe is met with a pleasant surprise when he learns of Spencer’s recent roster foibles.  And of course the best bets.  We can’t forgot the best bets..

Episode 4 – Add Clapping There

Spencer revels in last week’s perfection as Joe recounts his love for Phillip Lindsay. Berry Says examines players like Matt Ryan, Russel Wilson, George Kittle, and why Golden Tate is a better play than K. Allen this week.

Episode 2 – This Thursday.. Wait, What?

Week 1.  Thursday, Lambo,  Rogers, Bears, Jones, Cohen, Howard.  Foster’s pumped, you’re pumped, Joe’s awake. We talk about FOOTBALL STUFF for a while, then Spencer comes with an anchor punch to Matthew Berry on Berry says (11:45), followed up with 5 predictions against the spread (21:30)

Episode 1 – Flag Plants & Berry Says

We break down ‘Our Guys’, the few we are staking our Fantasy Expert status on.  Spencer then moves on to challenge Matthew Berry’s fantasy rankings in “Berry Says” (23:17).